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What I think this means: With the recent huge success of Amazon’s app store we are seeing some new emerging trends. The first is that the Apple app store has a real contender on there hands. The success of the Amazon app store also represents a threat to Android and Google. (this despite the fact that Amazon Kindle Fire uses a re-skinned Android operating system.)


Great Story for the app industry!

Great story on top business’s effected by new iPad!

The addition of the 5MP iSight camera is big news for construction workers, who will now be able to take the iPad onsite and take pictures and videos of work done, work to be continued, or to file reports on general building inventory.

Plus, with iCloud integration and the availability of apps like Vela, Dropbox, Box and Evernote, the user should be able to feed these results back to the office in just a few minutes.

Ok so first things first – everyone is raving about the higher resolution. What’s not to like when it comes to that? What else do we know? Well it also has a faster chipset, and it does not have the rumored SD Chip slot. So what is the most important thing about it – in my estimation? Well it WILL WORK on 4G LTE networks! So for you road warriors that depend on the iPad life just got a little better!

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