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Suppose you are a green power company looking to increase efficiencies around energy audits? Sure you could send your workers out with clipboards and manually enter the information when they get back – but wouldn’t it be far more efficient if they had iPads with an ap that allows them to quickly input the data using drop down menus? What if you were a trucking company where the driver always had to get out of the truck as he filled grain in from a silo to be sure the load was evenly dispersed – but instead had an iPhone synching to a bluetooth camera that allowed him to efficiently and safely move his truck forward to be sure the load was correct? These are just a couple of examples of how smart use of iPhones and iPads can increase business efficiency in a cost effective way. I bet most of you have some ideas as well but do not have an internal team to build it. Bring Lextech your ideas and we can give you some ideas on what it would take – working together.


Quick thoughts: This changes everything! If iPad becomes the defacto media device in most students backpacks, brands need to be making strategic decisions now! If your company has not ported your brand to iPad yet – what are you waiting for? iPad will be omnipresent with the most desirable of advertising targets – students from 13-24. The beautiful thing is, this strategy will also align with iPhone and web goals for smart companies growing there business with new media platforms. The future looks very bright for those that are ready to act now – or can find good partners to help them get there – fast!

Hi, I am Bernie – your editor for this blog and since this is the first post – I will tell you a little about myself.  I used my first Apple II PC back in 1979, Previous to that I used a TI 99/4A.  Over the many intervening years I have worked in technology sales, virtually non-stop, with stops involving almost every major segment of the industry including of course Microsoft and Big Telecom. Currently I work for a company that creates custom apps for iPad/ iPhone and Android. They also have the capability to develop for Blackberry and Windows Mobile. Our focus is making old crusty legacy systems relevant to the new generation of mobile devices. This means having broad programming expertise and experience, that allows the connection to be made between the old and the new. The focus of this blog is partly about awareness to what is going on in the iPad/iPhone world and partly about how companies are increasing ARPU and ROI by thinking out of the box and inventing new ways to conduct business more efficiently. I invite your opinions and commentary.